Going Green with Green Muisc Group

Green Music Group (GMG), which launched in January 2010, is an organization that brings together musicians, fans and industry folks to undertake the greening of the music industry.  Backed by major artists like The Roots, The Dave Matthews Band, Linkin Park and Willie Nelson, as well as major concert venues and major labels, GMG will help revolutionize some of the ways in which the music industry will thrive – and, ultimately, the means by which the entertainment industry will respect our environment.

As eco-friendliness has become a major concern globally, GMG arrived at an opportune moment to voice the need for the music industry to get its wasteful act together.  One notable effort is the greening of South By Southwest via the Sustainability at SXSW 2011 campaign.

Celebrating the various efforts that artists are taking, GMG provides resources on eco-friendly merchandise, environmentally conscious lighting strategies, offsetting emissions used on tour, and more.

If you are an up-and-coming artists without many resources to change your current energy-gobbling musical pursuits, don’t worry, GMG will be providing Green Grants.  Going green has literally never sounded so sweet.


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