Klickable TV: a really cool way to attract viewers

As musicians and record companies are trying to find new ways to make money from music videos, user interactivity is a major part of the solution.  Possibly one of the coolest technologies gaining momentum is Klickable TV.  Klickable allows viewers to click on video targets (people, objects, locations, etc. in the videos) to see whatever feature the video’s creators added.  Viewers can click on the targets to get character and viewer commentary, behind the scenes insights, special promotions…the possibilities are endless.

Klickable requires only that users have a Flash 9.0 enabled computer, requiring no additional software.  Using the technology is easy.  All the user must do is hit the play button and start clicking away.  Klickable allows users to save portions of the video or specific clicks, leave feedback  to other users or video publishers, and embed Klickable videos on websites, social networks and blogs.  As an added bonus, video producers can earn money through ads that may appear when viewers click on relevant contextual and behavior based targets.

The theory behind Klickable TV is to keep viewers interested in the videos, instead of passively watching.  As a natural-born critic, I became amazed with how engaging Klickables were as I clicked through a video utilizing this service.  Klickable will undoubtedly keep viewers actively engaged and is a great service for musicians and companies seeking to do more with their videos.


One thought on “Klickable TV: a really cool way to attract viewers

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